Automotive Cores

Partner to the automotive parts remanufacturer and the progressive automotive recycler.

Long story short

At Xpress Metal Recycling, we’re always working hard to keep up with the best programs and processes. Our dedicated team can offer on-site or off-site core sorting and we can also offer core collection from source. We understand that your needs might be different and we work hard to suit your requirements.

In the business of automotive core parts where every part number means something, we work hard to maintain a wide list of parts that we can core. By broadening our product mix we elevate our average price which in turn supports our customers by offering them more opportunity to be more successful in their business. We are committed to providing our customers, both large and small, with service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

We also can do this…

Outside of being just awesome at the automotive cores business we also are known for a few more things. Perhaps you’d be interested in checking out something else we’ve become quite good at like:

Engine Processing

Our engine processing consists on sorting, categorizing and labeling used engine blocks and components. Some engines are torn down and sold as components and others are sold to remanufactures.

Transmission Processing

After we categorize and label all transmissions, some of them are sold as individual components while others are send to be rebuilt. We retain a portion of the “hand parts” components and distribute them as used parts to local shops.

Scrap Metal

We are currently accepting automotive components as scrap at our Georgia location. Price lists are available at the front office but please be advised that prices are subject to change without notice.

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